The first advice given to me when I started riding my motorcycle was, “Ride like you are invisible.”  I thought it was worthless advice. I wanted people to see me when I ride. I wanted to ride in the most visible way possible. I wanted attention drawn to myself.  Visibility meant the chances of getting killed were greatly reduced. After all, most motorcycle accidents happened because distracted, good intentioned four wheeled motorists just didn’t see the rider.

That’s when it hit me, distracted, four wheeled motorists just don’t see riders.  We are invisible. No matter how visible we try to make ourselves with colorful jackets and bikes, reflective helmets, blinking lights, and even super loud tail pipes, motorcycles go unnoticed to those not trying to notice them.  We are invisible.  Ride like you are invisible because it puts you in a completely defensive position.

May is Motorcycle Awareness month.

As the weather continues to warm and you find yourself on the road more and more, please be safe.  And you four wheeled motorists out there keep an eye out for us!!  And don’t forget Garcia Insurance Services can insure your motorcycle!