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Five Tips to Lower Your Insurance Premium

How Low Can You Go Limbo

As insurance professionals, we are often asked for tips and tricks to keep the cost of insurance premiums low. While there is no sure way to guarantee a specific price, there are ways you can reduce your insurance premium to the lowest possible rate for you. By this, we mean that costs may not the…

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The Driver Who Hit Me Doesn’t Have Car Insurance

A client of ours was in a parking lot waiting kindly and patiently for a car ahead of him to back out safely so they can both be on their way. Ironically, another driver who had been parked (to the left of our client) backed out and hit the left rear side of our client’s…

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Insurance Saftey Tips

Hurricane Safety When mandatory evacuations are issued for a hurricane, evacuate. If it is not mandatory, but the opportunity presents itself, evacuate. Before the start of hurricane season, verify with your insurance agent that homeowners and flood insurance polices are in place. Remember: Homeowners insurance does not, and will not, cover flood damage. Update photographs…

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