5 Favorite Hurricane Preparedness Tips from Garcia Insurance Services

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is predicting a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season this year. Like everyone in South Louisiana, we’re hoping for no reason to evacuate or much less prepare for a storm, but we know that evacuation and hurricane preparedness is our reality living in New Orleans. We wanted to share with you…

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Five ways to improve your credit score

A lot of advice and insight we give our clients and prospective clients regarding insurance rates typically includes information surrounding “credit score”. Having a high credit score typically correlates with being responsible with your money, which is why a good credit score can help lower your insurance rate. What if your credit score isn’t as…

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Why business owners should offer workers compensation insurance

slipping on a banana

When we meet with local New Orleans business owners, we often cover a variety of different types of insurance policies they are interested in to protect their business, however one topic that typically isn’t brought up is workers compensation. A lot of business owners tend to think that workers compensation isn’t necessary for their business,…

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Welcome to our newest team member, Joel Looking Bill, CWCP

We’re excited, and very pleased to welcome our latest addition to our team of insurance professionals, Joel Lookingbill.  Joel specializes in commercial business insurance and has been with the industry since 1997. Prior to joining us here at Garcia Insurance Services, he was a commercial insurance underwriter, and had also developed a career as the…

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New Orleans Small Business Highlight: Animal Helper

new orleans rescue animal

  One of the best parts of living and working in New Orleans is getting the chance to interact with all the passionate and giving people that make this community tick. Addie Leger, customer service agent here at Garcia Insurance Services, is one of those people and she introduced myself and our team to a…

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Understanding the difference between a dwelling and a homeowners insurance policy

Buying new home insurance can be overwhelming – there are so many options and policies available that it’s easy to get lost and opt for the cheapest options. Unfortunately, buying coverage for your home isn’t as simple as just opting for the cheapest policy. Buying cheap and in-sufficient coverage can cause major financial stress should…

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Will Flood Insurance Rates Go Down With the New Flood Maps?

  It’s been a long time coming but FEMA has finally released the new flood maps for New Orleans (Jefferson Parish and St Bernard Parish will have to wait a bit longer for their final maps). Many homes and businesses located in standard flood zones will be now located in a preferred flood zone -X zone-…

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Homeowners: do you know the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost?

actual value and replacement cost

As a new homeowner, purchasing home insurance can seem overwhelming. There are more insurance options and add-ons out there than there are options at a buffet!  It’s hard to know where to start -there are different companies, options that are expensive, options that are cheap . . . each covers different types of damages and…

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Remembering Our Past

If you asked someone today, “What was the greatest disaster in New Orleans history?” you would likely hear the answer, “Hurricane Katrina.” While Katrina was in fact one of the greatest disasters in our history in terms of sheer numbers, the Great Fire of 1788 physically devastated a higher percentage of the city. The fire…

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