What’s the difference between homeowners and dwelling policy?

What’s the difference between homeowners and dwelling policy? Generally speaking, dwelling policies are less comprehensive than homeowners policies. Homeowners insurance policies are sold as a package that can include coverage for property, liability, contents, theft and water backup coverage. Dwelling policies were initially designed for vacant or non-owner occupied, rental properties, therefore do not provide extensive…

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Useful Tips For Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time for friends and families to get together to REMEMBER those who have died serving in our armed forces.  It is also the holiday that ushers in the summer. Here are some Memorial Day facts and figures along with some tips to keep you safe around the grill and pool all…

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A Helping Hand from Miguel Ferreira

Miguel’s whole career has been about helping people. He spent eighteen years assisting Mexican nationals at the Mexican Consulate. When he decided to change careers, long time friend and now colleague, Gio Arenas, encouraged Miguel to consider a career in insurance since it too was a place where Miguel’s passion for people could be put to good use.

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Five Tips to Lower Your Insurance Premium

How Low Can You Go Limbo

As insurance professionals, we are often asked for tips and tricks to keep the cost of insurance premiums low. While there is no sure way to guarantee a specific price, there are ways you can reduce your insurance premium to the lowest possible rate for you. By this, we mean that costs may not the…

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Best Website Resources for Hurricane Preparedness


Here are Garcia insurance, we like to be prepared for all types of situations including hurricanes. Recently, we posted a blog with our staff’s favorite and most helpful tips to prepare for a hurricane and now we are sharing the best online resources that we know of to help prepare for and track bad weather….

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