Hurricane Safety

When mandatory evacuations are issued for a hurricane, evacuate. If it is not mandatory, but the opportunity presents itself, evacuate.

Before the start of hurricane season, verify with your insurance agent that homeowners and flood insurance polices are in place. Remember: Homeowners insurance does not, and will not, cover flood damage.

Update photographs of your home and belongings.

When a storm approaches, prepare your house for possible-destructing winds and water by boarding windows, sandbagging low-lying areas, picking up outside furniture, garbage cans and plants. Brace any larger landscaping when possible.

Motorcycle Safety

When enjoying your motorcycle, ride safely.

Wear your helmet.

If it has been dropped or in a previous accident, get a new one.

Obey traffic laws.

Drive to the left or the right of a traffic lane; there is less oil buildup here.

Keep distance when riding with others.

Boating Safety

DWI laws apply to boating as they do to automobiles.

Do Not Drink and Drive.

Check fuel balances before going out.

Check the weather forecast before going out to sea.