• Garcia Insurance – Covering the City We Love.

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  • Insurance Is Boring.  What It Protects Isn’t.

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  • Local & Independent. Insurance For ALL of New Orleans.

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  • Protecting New Orleans Business.

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  • Some things Are Irreplaceable.  For Everything Else…Insurance.

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  • home


    Your house is a pretty big investment. We can find the best company, at the most competitive price in New Orleans.

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  • suitcase


    Your business is your livelihood. Our team will ensure your business is protected from the unexpected so that you can focus on your customer.

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  • auto


    Drivers in New Orleans can be wreckless. Let us help you find proper auto insurance policy to cover you in case of an accident

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  • hearth


    People count on you financially. We can help you provide for your loved ones financially if you were to pass away. Act today to protect their tomorrow.

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  • Home Insurance for Any Weather

    You never know what type of weather we’ll get in New Orleans.  

    We can cover you for all our crazy weather patterns.  We can get you Home insurance especially for the “Rock Gone” days.


    We can cover your home. 

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  • How much should my insurance cost?

    There are many factors that impact the cost of your insurance.  Each type of insurance has many factors that drive your cost.

    Much of the cost of your insurance is based on your specific information.

    Want to know the factors driving your price?


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  • Multi Family Property Owner

    If you own any of the following types of  multifamily dwellings, we’ve got coverage for you:

    • Duplex
    • Triplex
    • Fourplex
    • Condo Association
    • Apartment Complex

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